TV-Browser 2.7.4

Check what's on TV tonight


  • Many TV and radio stations available
  • Extended information about each show
  • Reminder utility


  • Configuration produces some errors
  • You can suggest new channels but not add them to the program right away

Very good

Modern satellite TV systems make it increasingly difficult to be aware of all the content they broadcast. You have so many different channels and so many shows you like that you really need some help.

This help comes with TV-Browser, a simple tool that enables you to check what's scheduled on more than two hundred TV channels and radio stations. The program runs a wizard right after installation which sets up everything for you, although it displayed some error messages.

The program includes many European stations and also displays whatever extended information is available about each program. If your favourite channel is missing, you can add it to the developer's Wishlist on their webpage. TV-Browser also includes special tools to mark certain programs as Favorites or set a reminder so that you don't miss the next episode of a given TV show.

A quick, easy way to follow TV showns on your PC

TV-Browser is a digital TV guide that displays information and timetables for more than 160 TV channels and 60 radio stations. Most of them are German but you can easily add other European channels. The program connects to several Internet servers to obtain the information and can be set to warn you by e-mail when your favorite show is about to broadcast.

Take a look at the program's features:

  • More than 160 TV stations
  • More than 60 radio stations
  • Support for plugins and interface skins



TV-Browser 2.7.4

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